The awards will honor the best ideas, events, and their organizers. Only 9 steps to get you closer to recognition in the events industry.

Applications for the competition are open until 24 March 2023


  • Telia VIP Gyvai/ Telia VIP Live (Company: Telia)
  • Nature Gallery (Company: Skudras Metropole; Dont Panic)
  • Company teambuilding (Company:
  • Performance H2O (Company: Lietuvis)
  • Comic Con Baltics (Company: Comic Con Baltics)
  • Business summit EBIT (Company: Confinn UAB)
  • Klaipėda Manifesto: Blue Economy Conference (Company: Klaipėda ID)
  • Comic Con Baltics (Company: Comic Con Baltics)
  • Fluxus festival 2022 (Company: BĮ “Kauno menininkų namai”)
  • Courtyard festival 2022 (Company: BĮ “Kauno menininkų namai”)
  • Gypsy Fest Vilnius (Company: Lietuvos romų bendruomenė)
  • CPVA festival of senses (Company: Centrinė projektų valdymo agentūra)
  • “Getjet Airlines Winter Festival” (Company: MB Pramogų pasaulis (UNITED Events)
  • A&A party / Flight (Company: Lietuvis)
  • Night Basketball (Company: KTU FSA ‘‘InDi‘‘)
  • Comic Con Baltics (Company: Comic Con Baltics)
  • Fluxus festival 2022 (Company: BĮ “Kauno menininkų namai”)
  • Nature Gallery (Company: Skudras Metropole; Dont Panic)
  • Courtyard festival 2022 (Company: BĮ “Kauno menininkų namai”)
  • Culture to Courtyards (Company: BĮ “Kauno menininkų namai”)
  • The triptych of events: 1) “Come for Borscht, Support Ukraine” Vilnius; 2) “Come for Borscht, Support Ukraine” Kaunas; 3) “Ukrainian Days” Vilnius. (Company: UAB “Menai Renginiai”)
  • RADAROM! (Company: ,,LRT’’, „Blue/Yellow“, „Laisvės TV“, „1K fondas“ ir „Stiprūs kartu“)
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B2B event

B2C event


Internal company event


City festival

Cultural event

Fundraising event

Jury of experts


Janette Haukland

Head of business development for ”Norwegian Promotion Group”

Janne Björge Renginių

Event strategist in the ”Meta” space

Michaella Stamm

Sr. Communication Business Partner at SABIC

Natali Chyzhova

CEO of the Ukrainian event agency ”Plombir”

Jens Oliver Mayer

Event trends expert

Margarita Aļabjeva-Vaišļa

Sustainability expert
Alba Montheli

Alba Montheli

”Bang Agency” Content manager

Jan Kubinec

jurate zuolyte

Jūratė Žuolytė

M360 and Delfi Kultūra Editor
Živilė Kropaitė Basiulė

Živilė Kropaitė-Basiulė

TV, radio and events host


If you have any further questions regarding the awards, please contact:

Email –

Phone. No. +37069994701

Competition Rules

  • March 1-15, 2023: Application period (early submission fee: EUR 100)
  • March 16-24, 2023: Application period (late submission fee: EUR 200)
  • March 27, 2023: Shortlist of 3 per category announcement on web page
  • April 5, 2023: Live presentations of shortlisted events (nominees will have the opportunity to persuade a highly qualified international jury that they are deserving of the award. All attendees and guests are welcome to attend the live presentations and discover the best creative solutions developed by top event and communication agencies)
  • April 6, 2023: Awards Ceremony
  1. All events submitted for the Competition must be implemented and completed between March 1, 2022, and March 1, 2023. Entries can be commercial or non-commercial events organized by event industry bodies based anywhere in the world, including event agencies, public relations and communication agencies, promotional agencies, advertising agencies web agencies, corporate companies, public bodies, associations, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, etc.
  2. If the entry was created by more than one author (agency, in-house department, freelancer, etc.), only one party may submit the entry. The Entrant should agree in advance between the parties concerned. If two different Entrants submit the same entry, only the first entry (according to timestamp) will be accepted. The Entrant is responsible for ensuring that the commissioning client has the legal right to use any intellectual property related to the client or brand that is used or communicated in the entry.
  3. Entrants must obtain prior permission from the client/owner of the communication case’s rights before submitting an entry. The Competition organizers reserve the right to request written proof of this permission at any time. The Competition applicant is responsible for ensuring that they have obtained the client or company’s agreement to submit the project to the Competition.
  4. Entries will not be considered submitted until the online entry form has been completed in full, the required materials have been uploaded, and the full payment has been made online at in accordance with the entry deadlines. Entries cannot be cancelled or removed from the Competition.
  5. All applications must be submitted online using the form
  6. Each event can be submitted in one or more categories, but no more than 3.
  7. No replacement or additional material will be accepted once an entry has been submitted and accepted by the Competition’s organizer. After the deadline, submitted materials cannot be amended.
  8. Projects with incomplete or unpaid materials will not be considered submitted and therefore will not be eligible to compete in the Competition.
  9. Due to the presence of an international jury, English is the official language of the Competition. Therefore, all non-English materials must be translated and/or subtitled, unless otherwise specified.
  10. The applicant is responsible for paying all entry fees and participating in the competition. Multiple companies can be credited for their contributions to the project. Please ensure that all contributing companies are credited on your entry form before finalizing your submission.
  11. Budgetary institutions may submit their applications free of charge.
  12. Entries that are not processed due to reasons beyond the control of REKŪRAI LT will not be refunded. 
  13. Applications can be supported by additional visual information. The title of the project must also be given in the original language and in English.
  14. All material, documentation, and payments must be received by 5.00 PM on March 24, 2023.
  15. The events or services are evaluated and awarded as a whole, based on their concept, execution, and planning, irrespective of the role played by the agency that submits them.
  16. Each Competition category only awards the absolute category winners.
  17. During the Competition awards ceremony, the award will be presented only to the submitting and paying candidate, regardless of the number of organizing agencies or other parties listed in the project application form.

The Competition will cover following categories:

  • B2B event – Event or campaign designed to create and strengthen business relationships: trade fairs, debates, seminars, business parties, exhibitions, etc.
  • B2C event – Event or campaign aimed at engaging the end consumer, such as consumer shows, exhibitions, personal parties, weddings etc. 
  • Conference – Best conference event, regardless of topic, location, size, and target audience.
  • Internal company event – Any business event organized to reward, honor, involve or educate employees.
  • Festival – Any event that celebrates a specific theme, such as music, film, art, food, dance, or cultural traditions. It can be a one-time or recurring event that involves various activities, performances, and attractions for attendees.
  • City festival – Public events organized for/by a municipality including celebrations, concerts, festivals, shows, parades, art events, etc.
  • Cultural event – All events that promote culture or cultural sensitivity, including parades, shows, art exhibitions, music or dance events, festivals, fairs, theaters, etc.
  • Fundraising event – A non-profit event designed to raise money or gather donations for a non-profit organization or cause.
  1. The entries will be judged by an international jury of experts from different fields.
  2. The members of the jury will give a score from 1 to 10 to each of the entries.
    The applications will be judged according to the following criteria:
  • Creativity and innovation of the event;
  • The results of the event and the effectiveness of the chosen measures;
  • Sustainability of the event;
  • Involvement of participants to the event;
  • Publicity and resonance of the event;
  • Presentation of the project.
  • The jury will evaluate applications until March 26th. The three highest-scoring applications in each category will be announced on no later than March 27th.
  • The three highest-scoring projects in each category are required to be presented at the REVOLUTION conference on April 5th. Presentations must  not exceed 3 minutes and must be delivered in English. 
  • Presenters have the freedom to choose the format for  presenting their project. However, the organizers require a live presentation of the project (not just a video) and answering the jury’s questions. 
  • Shortlisted projects presentations must be sent by 5.00 PM on April 3rd  to the email address specified by the organizers. The email must include the following information: 1) the category 2) the author of the application 3) the  project title 4) a contact person who can be reached  by the organizers for any questions. The title of the submitted PPT presentation must include the category, project title, and author. 
  • The jury has the authority to modify the rules if  necessary. 
  • The Organizers may exclude entries that offend national or religious feelings, discriminate against any social group, or encourage illegal activities.